Using Zoom Video Conferencing

To have a video consultation you will need a device with a camera and a microphone.

  • Most laptops, smart phones, and tablets have both.
  • Desktop computers generally don’t have these built in; they must be purchased separately.

For video consultations, I recommend you use a device that can be moved around your home so you can show me where your cat spends time.

** If you do not have access to an appropriate device or would prefer a phone consultation, please let me know prior to your scheduled consultation time. If you strongly prefer using FaceTime or Google Hangouts, I can also accommodate that, just let me know.


Using Zoom requires a simple download on a laptop or an app on a mobile device. Both are free and you do not need to make an account.

To confirm that you are ready for the consultation, please test your system ahead of your appointment. Go to:

If you have questions about your specific system, visit this site for help:


Click the link in your email at your consultation time to join the meeting. Please turn on both audio and video. Your Meeting ID is the number at the end of the link, if you need it.