Behavior Services

In-home consultations are available in Boulder, CO. Video and phone consultations are available anywhere in the U.S.

I have experience helping owners solve litter box issues, conflict between cats, biting, scratching, destructive behavior, nighttime activity, excessive meowing, fear, annoying or demanding behavior, and more.

I use video and phone consultations to help more people and more cats in more places – for less money. No matter where you live, you can get expert advice soon. And you aren’t paying for traveling time, only working time.

Before our consultation you will fill out a questionnaire and I may request video of your cat(s). During the consult, you can show me your home setup. In this way, I am able to provide concrete, specific recommendations for your home and give you the relief you are looking for. While some issues benefit from someone coming into the home, I have found that most cat behavior issues can be improved through my virtual consultation process. Part of my professional responsibility is advising you about virtual vs in-home services before you book.

No, I’m sorry but I’m not qualified to give medical advice. I may recommend ways of feeding your cat that can support better behavior but can’t suggest specific diets, supplements, or other nutrition aids. I also cannot recommend medical treatments or medications. If you believe your cat is sick or injured or if you have questions about their health or diet, please speak with your vet.

It’s very understandable to want some reassurance that you will get relief and your time and money won’t be wasted. Behavior is not a disease to be cured and your cat is not broken. Cats display unwanted behavior most commonly because they are stressed or because they are simply displaying natural behavior in a way that we as humans don’t appreciate. Feline Engineering provides humane, modern training and behavior information that is effective at reducing or eliminating unwanted behavior in cats. However I cannot guarantee that another living creature will change his or her behavior, whether that’s you or your cat. Much of the success of behavior modification is dependent on the commitment of the humans involved.

Feline Engineering guarantees you will work with a professional consultant who will provide excellent customer support, custom plans based on your needs, and a commitment to help you find relief.

If you are looking for help with a behavior problem, you can find more information here

If you are affiliated with a shelter, rescue, or veterinary clinic and are interested in behavior help or volunteer/staff training, email me directly at info [at]

I absolutely understand the challenges of a budget. Generally I can’t offer help via email only because I need to spend time asking questions in order to provide good advice. However I try to offer motivated owners some options. Please contact me to share your story and what you’ve already tried.

Training and Behavior Modification Process

A happier, healthier home starts when you fill out the contact form. We will speak on the phone or by email about your situation and how I can help you meet your goals. All paperwork, scheduling, and payment can be done online through my simple portal. When we have a consultation scheduled, I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your concern. I may also ask for videos of your cat(s).

During our first consult, I’ll ask lots of questions to help me determine the root of the problem and you can show me your house and cats (either in person or through video conferencing). I’ll begin making recommendations to resolve the issue. After the consult, I’ll send you a written copy of what we discussed as well as any extra information that will help you.

Between consultations, you can keep me updated and ask questions via email so you can feel confident about the plan.

You’ll be surprised! Cats are absolutely trainable and their behavior can be changed, sometimes with simple steps. I’ve been working with challenging cats for years – successfully helping cats who pee outside the box, fight with other cats, scratch, bite, and much more. My custom plans are designed using the best and latest cat knowledge. Through environmental modification, mental and physical stimulation, and classical and operant conditioning, I believe your cat can change too.

Yes! Instead of generic advice, you will be getting a personalized plan to address YOUR cat in YOUR home. If you’ve already tried something, we’ll discuss why it didn’t work and what to do next, not just list the same old tips you find online.

Probably not.

Most behavior issues are happening for a reason and that reason needs to be addressed. The longer an issue continues, the harder it is to fix. Starting now means preventing the problem from getting worse (and requiring more time and money to fix later).

Absolutely! I want to hear all about your cat (or cats) and your home. You can start by sharing some of the details on the contact form or during your Get Started phone call. Once you schedule your first consultation, I’ll send you a questionnaire to get more information. You can also send me pictures or video of what’s going on. Then, during the consult, I’ll ask more questions and you can continue to share.

About Me

I got my start in animal shelters, working with dogs and cats in need of behavior modification for fear, aggression, and other behavior problems. During that time, along with on-the-job training and experience, I completed a multi-week Humane Society of the United States course on cat behavior and consulting. Most recently I was certified as a “Fear Free Trainer”, confirming I am up-to-date on the most current training methods.

I am working on a certification as a Cat Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants which is targeted at current behavior professionals who have worked with clients for at least 500 hours and gained 400 hours of education. As I believe in certification as a way of maintaining professional standards as well as providing continuing education, I hope to complete the intensive application process soon.

No, none of the products mentioned on this website are sponsored. I just honestly like these things and want to share them with you.

Other Questions

If you are a shelter, rescue, or vet and would like behavior help for a cat in your care or one recently adopted from you, I’d love to help. Contact me at info [at] to learn more.

I also offer foster parent or staff training on cat behavior.

Feel free to use the contact form to ask questions about the consultation process. Otherwise, call, email, or message through social media and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. You can find complete contact information here.