How Cats Work

Getting Started with Cats

Cats are a wonderful and unique species that many of us enjoy sharing our home with.  For those who happily cohabitate as well as those that are struggling to understand their feline friend, learning a little bit about how cats view the world can help us give them the best life possible.

Did You Know?

Understanding Territory

In the wild, changes within a cat's territory can mean life or death. For our house cats, this feeling can carry over to cause stress and behavior problems. Cats view their territory in 3D; they need vertical space to climb and perch to truly feel safe and secure. A territory may overlap with other cats as long as all feel safe sharing the space and have enough resources.

Best Life Possible

The right home setup and opportunities for play can go a long way toward giving you and your cat the best life possible together.

Setting Up Your Home For Maximum Cat-Friendliness

Speaking Cat

Minimizing Stress

Play Helps in Every Way (Seriously)

Want to know more about how learning how cats work can solve your cat’s behavior problems?