Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Kitten

Raising a healthy kitten takes more than just picking the right food, going to the vet for a check up, and keeping them safe from physical dangers. A kitten’s mental and emotional health must also be considered. Kittens that don’t have the right experiences when they are young can grow up to have a range … Read moreRaising a Behaviorally Healthy Kitten

Why You Should Teach Your Cat to Touch a Stick

Have you taught your cat to touch their nose to a stick yet? Are you wondering why in the world you would do that? Called “target training,” you may have never considering training this simple skill. But professional trainers of all types of animals know that learning to target can be the beginning of many, … Read moreWhy You Should Teach Your Cat to Touch a Stick

Making the Most of Feeding Your Cat: Food Puzzles

Want a super easy way to improve your cat’s life and behavior? Two words: Food Puzzles! Food puzzles are a great way to support your cat’s physical and behavioral health. They are one of the main recommendations provided by the American Association of Feline Practitioners’ in their recent consensus statement about how to feed cats. … Read moreMaking the Most of Feeding Your Cat: Food Puzzles

The Case AGAINST Ignoring Bad Behavior

Whether it’s advice about cats, dogs, or kids, one suggestion is common: ignore bad behavior. That can seem like a good plan and sometimes it works, but sometimes it backfires. Is “ignore bad behavior” actually bad internet advice? Or just one piece of the puzzle? Why Ignore Bad Behavior? Many behaviors are controlled by consequences, … Read moreThe Case AGAINST Ignoring Bad Behavior

A Very Rewarding Training Method

Confession time: I can be kind of lazy! When I train cats (or any animals), I prefer to get the most out of my time in the easiest way. That’s one of the reasons I’m all about rewards-based training! Rewards-based training (teaching an animal by creating positive consequences for desirable behavior) has many major benefits. … Read moreA Very Rewarding Training Method

Do You Have an Alpha Cat?

“How to Deal with an Alpha Cat” “Fixing Your Alpha Cat’s Behavior” “Taming your Alpha Cat” The internet is full of articles meant to help you deal with your “alpha” cat. Unfortunately, much of this advice misses an important point: actually identifying the root of the problem. What is an “alpha” cat and is there … Read moreDo You Have an Alpha Cat?