The Case AGAINST Ignoring Bad Behavior

Whether it’s advice about cats, dogs, or kids, one suggestion is common: ignore bad behavior. That can seem like a good plan and sometimes it works, but sometimes it backfires. Is “ignore bad behavior” actually bad internet advice? Or just one piece of the puzzle? Why Ignore Bad Behavior? Many behaviors are controlled by consequences, … Read moreThe Case AGAINST Ignoring Bad Behavior

A Very Rewarding Training Method

Confession time: I can be kind of lazy! When I train cats (or any animals), I prefer to get the most out of my time in the easiest way. That’s one of the reasons I’m all about rewards-based training! Rewards-based training (teaching an animal by creating positive consequences for desirable behavior) has many major benefits. … Read moreA Very Rewarding Training Method

Do You Have an Alpha Cat?

“How to Deal with an Alpha Cat” “Fixing Your Alpha Cat’s Behavior” “Taming your Alpha Cat” The internet is full of articles meant to help you deal with your “alpha” cat. Unfortunately, much of this advice misses an important point: actually identifying the root of the problem. What is an “alpha” cat and is there … Read moreDo You Have an Alpha Cat?

The Two Faces of Fear

Fight or flight – you’re probably familiar with the different ways that we react to fear. Do you stand your ground or take off running? Or perhaps you just freeze up, unable to react at all? Our cats have the same reactions when faced with a scary situation. This story of two brother cats reacting … Read moreThe Two Faces of Fear

Pheromones – What They Are and What They Aren’t

Pheromone products are becoming widespread and well known in the pet world. Whether in sprays, collars, or diffusers, they promise big effects. With claims to stop unwanted behaviors like hiding, scratching, fighting, and spraying, you might think pheromones are a miracle solution. Here I’ll explore what pheromones are, what they aren’t, and what they can … Read morePheromones – What They Are and What They Aren’t

Why You Should Care About Drooling Dogs

You may have heard of the famous experiment where a scientist trained a group of dogs to drool when they heard a bell ring. But do you know what that experiment was really about? And do you know how this knowledge can change your cat’s behavior? A Brief History of Drooling Dogs Ivan Pavlov was … Read moreWhy You Should Care About Drooling Dogs

When You’ve Tried Everything – Troubleshooting Behavior Problems

The internet is an amazing place (seriously, I’m not being sarcastic!). We have huge amounts of amazing information at our fingertips. And while not all of it is high quality (or even correct), the resourceful pet guardian can find a lot of answers. But what happens when you’ve reached the bottom of Google’s results and … Read moreWhen You’ve Tried Everything – Troubleshooting Behavior Problems

The Surprising Power of Cat Tricks

When you think about training your cat to do tricks, what do you think?  “You can’t train a cat!” “That would be cute to post on Facebook, I guess?” “My cat is [peeing on everything, hiding all the time, biting me], I can’t even think about stupid tricks!” Here’s a radical* suggestion: not only can … Read moreThe Surprising Power of Cat Tricks