The Two Faces of Fear

Fight or flight – you’re probably familiar with the different ways that we react to fear. Do you stand your ground or take off running? Or perhaps you just freeze up, unable to react at all? Our cats have the same reactions when faced with a scary situation. This story of two brother cats reacting … Read moreThe Two Faces of Fear

Play Today: Encouraging a Reluctant Cat

“Gina Was Playing!” Those were the first words out of the volunteer’s mouth as they approached my desk. Their excitement was obvious and I had to agree! Gina was a senior cat who had been surrendered to the shelter several months earlier. When she first came in she was hissing and defensive in her kennel, … Read morePlay Today: Encouraging a Reluctant Cat

Is This Normal? Expectations for a New Cat

You are so excited to bring home your new cat. You’ve been looking for just the right companion for a while and today is the day! But your new cat immediately hides under the sofa and won’t come out. What gives? Did you just make a huge mistake? Who Are Your Calling Feral? Working at … Read moreIs This Normal? Expectations for a New Cat

The Surprising Power of Cat Tricks

When you think about training your cat to do tricks, what do you think?  “You can’t train a cat!” “That would be cute to post on Facebook, I guess?” “My cat is [peeing on everything, hiding all the time, biting me], I can’t even think about stupid tricks!” Here’s a radical* suggestion: not only can … Read moreThe Surprising Power of Cat Tricks