Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Kitten

Raising a healthy kitten takes more than just picking the right food, going to the vet for a check up, and keeping them safe from physical dangers. A kitten’s mental and emotional health must also be considered. Kittens that don’t have the right experiences when they are young can grow up to have a range … Read moreRaising a Behaviorally Healthy Kitten

New Friends: The Art of Introducing Cats

Although generally thought of as solitary animals, cats can certainly enjoy the company of other cats.  The key is having appropriate expectations and creating the right first impression. Considerations for New Roommates You may not a have a choice about the cats you are trying to introduce.  If you are blending families or trying to … Read moreNew Friends: The Art of Introducing Cats

Starting on the Right Paw: First Days with a New Cat

You got a new cat! Congratulations! Start off on the right paw by making the most of your cat’s first days in your home. Whether you’ve welcomed home a kitten or an adult, a shy friend or a confident companion, a few steps will make the transition smoother and protect against future behavior problems. This … Read moreStarting on the Right Paw: First Days with a New Cat