It Can Be Done: Transitioning an Indoor/Outdoor Cat to Indoor Only

More and more, cat owners are recognizing the need to keep their cats indoors for their safety and the safety of wildlife in the community. Outdoor cats can easily be injured, exposed to disease, or threatened by the people and animals they meet outside. The good news is that cats can be perfectly happy indoors … Read more

Resolutions Worth Keeping: Improve Your Cat’s Life

It’s that time of year again – New Year’s resolution season. Love them or hate them, resolutions let us identify the things we value and the ways we can bring more peace and happiness into our lives. Don’t worry though, I’d never suggest you should eat fewer brownies or go for a jog! This year, … Read more

Happy Together: Cats and Kids

As kids grow up, their bond with the family cat can develop a wonderful relationship. With a little bit of thought, cats and kids can live even more happily together. (This is the fourth installment in the “Cats and Kids” series. Click for Part 1 – Pregnancy, Part 2 – Babies, and Part 3 – … Read more

Growing Up Together: Cats and Toddlers

When a baby begins to move around, everything changes. Toddlers are grabby, loud, and move strangely. Your cat, who was perfectly content with a baby, may be wondering what alien creature in the house now. Take a few steps to keep the friendship on the right path now and avoid problems later. This is part … Read more

Technology for Cats and Their People

Perhaps it’s not surprising since I’ve lived in Silicon Valley for many years now but I’m always on the lookout for technology that makes life easier! Technology for cats and their owners ranges from providing basic care to safety to just for fun. Some tools offer creative ways to solve issues. Some could end up … Read more