Resolutions Worth Keeping: Improve Your Cat’s Life

It’s that time of year again – New Year’s resolution season. Love them or hate them, resolutions let us identify the things we value and the ways we can bring more peace and happiness into our lives. Don’t worry though, I’d never suggest you should eat fewer brownies or go for a jog! This year, … Read more

Heartwarming Holidays 2018

A few stories to make you smile (and maybe cry, sorry) from this year in cats. People Doing Right By Cats Cat Volunteer Naps with Shelter Cats Man Rescues Cats During the Camp Fire “Who Rescued Who” Stray Kitten Heals Man’s Broken Heart Woman Adopts Shelter’s Longest Term Resident Special Cats and Their Families Cat … Read more

Happy Together: Cats and Kids

As kids grow up, their bond with the family cat can develop a wonderful relationship. With a little bit of thought, cats and kids can live even more happily together. (This is the fourth installment in the “Cats and Kids” series. Click for Part 1 – Pregnancy, Part 2 – Babies, and Part 3 – … Read more