How to Stop Destructive Scratching

Cats don’t scratch just to ruin your furniture! Scratching is a behavioral and physical need and cannot be eliminated completely.  Cats scratch to stretch their bodies, condition their claws (not just sharpen them but keep them healthy), and to communicate with others in their environment. Along with the visible marks, they use pheromones from their … Read more

“Normal” But Not “Okay”?

What is “normal” for your cat, in terms of health and behavior? Does that “normal” represent their optimal wellbeing? Just because something has been going on for a long time doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be changed. “Normal” Doesn’t Always Equal “Okay” For the purposes of this discussion: “Normal” = typical, expected, and/or usual … Read more

Moving With Cats

Getting ready to move with your cat? Planning ahead and supporting them afterwards can have a big impact on everyone’s stress levels. Are you packed and ready?Photo Credit: Michael Faeth/ Moving is Hard for Everyone Moving is stressful for everyone, human and feline. While you might be worried about the logistics and money, your cat … Read more

In Safe Hands: Using a Cat Sitter

Leaving a beloved pet home while you travel can be a source of stress for many people. It can also be a very stressful experience for the pet. In the post Jessica Dwyer Bartlett, a professional pet sitter and cat behavior consultant, adds her insights on setting your cat and your pet sitter up for … Read more

Cats CAN Be Trained!

It’s a commonly held belief that cats just can’t be trained like dogs can. Cats are independent and stubborn and there’s just no way they’d “give in” to what we humans want them to do. Right? Wrong! Cats absolutely can be trained if you understand them.  Don’t believe me? Read on to see if I … Read more