Home Sweet Home

For many cats, their home is their whole world. All cats need to feel safe and secure and to have the opportunity to display normal cat behaviors, like playing and scratching. You can set up your home to help your cat feel confident and relaxed and to encourage appropriate behavior. By taking a little time to set up your home, you are also helping prevent unwanted behavior.

First Things First

Cats need certain things in their environment to fulfill basic needs. If there are multiple cats in a home, make sure you have enough of these resources for all the cats to prevent competition. This is especially important if you are adding a new cat to your home or if there is any conflict between the cats.

Examples of Basic Resources:

Vertical Space

Cats love the 3D trend! Unlike (most) people and dogs, cats use their space vertically as well as horizontally. It is very important they have options for perching or resting up off the ground so they can feel safe and secure. Again, this becomes even more important if there are multiple cats in the home or stress/change in a cat’s life. Creating vertical space in your home is like adding an extra room in your cat’s eyes!

Examples of vertical space:

Litter Box Setup

The type, placement, and cleanliness of a cat’s litter box can have a big impact of their willingness to use it. Look at the information below when setting up your cat’s litter box, particularly if your cat has ever had an outside-the-box accident. While some cats are more tolerant than others or have individual preferences that are different from what is listed, these guidelines are generally applicable and a good starting place. If you need to make changes, do so slowly so the cat can adjust. Litter boxes that suddenly move across the house may be difficult for the cat to find and abrupt changes can cause a cat to start avoiding the box, even if those changes were made in order to make the box more appealing. In a multi-cat house it is recommended to have one more litter box than the number of cats.


“Environmental enrichment” for your cat gives her physical and mental stimulation during the day. This releases energy and relieves stress; both important for wellness and decreasing unwanted behaviors. Throughout the day, cats generally alternate being active for short periods with sleeping. So enrichment provides cats with an outlet even when you are unavailable to entertain them. Even senior, shy, or “mellow” cats benefit from enrichment.

Examples of Environmental Enrichment:

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