Jessica Char is experienced with positive reinforcement training protocols. Used around the world to train everything from pets to zoo animals, animal actors to service animals, these techniques are modern and humane. She has completed extensive coursework in behavior modification and learning theory. Most recently she completed the Cat Behavior and Retention course through the Humane Society of the United States. Jessica spent the last 4 years working with cats in a large animal shelter. Cats in shelters are in one of the most stressful of situations possible. With these homeless felines, she learned to manage fear and aggression and modify challenging behavior so the cats could find their forever homes. She worked closely with adopters to solve behavior challenges once the cats and kittens were in their new homes.

These experiences emphasized the need for more ways for cat owners to find relief from their cat’s behavior problems. Feline Engineering is one of those resources.

Jessica is a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is a Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer.


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Fear Free Certified Trainer

How You’ll Benefit

In all of her consulting services, Jessica applies positive-reinforcement methods to improve the lives of cats and the lives of their owners. Before transitioning to being a trainer, she earned two degrees in engineering. This gives her a unique perspective on problem-solving which is pragmatic and solution driven. She strives to always balance the small details that can mean success or failure with the big picture goal: achieving a happier life with your cat.

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When not working, Jessica enjoys trying to teach every animal she meets to do a “high five” and training her rabbit, Dewey, who makes her a better trainer by never making it easy. She lives in San Jose, California.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“What areas do you serve?”

Consultations are available remotely anywhere in the U.S.

“Why do you do remote consults? Can you come to my home?”

Remote consults allow me to help more people (and cats) in more places. Cats can be very sensitive to new people in their space so remote consults avoid that stress. Remote consults also mean that you can get the help you need without wrestling your cat into a crate for an office visit. At this time, home visits are not available.

“If I follow all these steps, can you guarantee my cat will be fixed/cured?”

It’s very understandable to want some reassurance that you will get relief and your time and money won’t be wasted. Behavior is not a disease to be cured and your cat is not broken. Cats display unwanted behavior most commonly because they are stressed or because they are simply displaying natural behavior in a way that we as humans don’t appreciate. Following the steps here can get you to a place where you no longer see the unwanted behavior but I cannot guarantee that another living creature will change his or her behavior, whether that’s you or your cat. Much of the success of behavior modification is dependent on the commitment of the humans involved. 

Feline Engineering guarantees excellent customer support, humane and science-based training methods, custom plans based on your needs, and a commitment to help you seek relief.

“You made a typo/I found a broken link”

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