Is Your Cat Turning You into a
Dog Person?

  • Does your cat think the whole house is the litter box?
  • Have you given up on having nice things due to your cat’s need to “redecorate”?
  • Have your cats declared civil war?
  • Are your ankles at risk every time you walk to the bathroom?
cat looking for behavior help
Cute kitten

Welcome to Feline Engineering – dedicated to solving your cat problems and helping you love your cat again.


With Feline Engineering you get:

  • Effective techniques – Recommendations that work and are based on up-to-date cat behavior knowledge
  • Customized plans – Optimized for your home and family
  • Convenience – No need to leave home (or wrestle your cat into a crate)
  • Judgment-Free Support – Compassionate care for your cat AND you
  • Conflict and Guilt Reduction – Don’t sacrifice your home for your cat or your cat for your home
  • Bonus Recommendations – Go beyond fixing problems and make life easier with nail trimming, crate training, and more
Orange cat playing with toy